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Foundation Among Critics of O’Malley’s Law Clinic Interference

(Posted by Jeanne McCann.)

Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley’s attempt to get the University of Maryland Environmental Law Clinic to drop its water pollution case against Hudson Farm  has drawn criticism from a long list of environmental, legal and news organizations. Joining the list is a somewhat unexpected institution – the Town Creek Foundation.

Foundations don’t regularly take public stands on policy, but in this case Town Creek has sent a letter to Dean Phoebe Haddon of the University of Maryland Law School expressing thanks for the Dean’s strong response to the governor and the foundation’s continued support for the law clinic’s work. It’s important to note that while Town Creek funds a variety of conservation organizations, it has also donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the state of Maryland over many years for environmental efforts on everything from climate change to offshore wind to the Bay TMDL Watershed Implementation Plan.

The Senior Bay Scientists and Policymakers applaud Town Creek for making its views known publicly on this important issue.

At a meeting on November 22nd, the Senior Bay Scientists and Policymakers also voiced their opposition to the Governor’s actions and said “Interfering with ongoing civil litigation against one of the largest polluting sources in the Chesapeake Bay – the poultry industry – sends the wrong signal to all concerned with the restoration of this abused, but great body of water.”

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