After decades of effort, the voluntary, collaborative approach to restoring the health and vitality of the Chesapeake Bay— the largest estuary in the United States—has not worked and, in fact, is failing. A diverse group of 57 senior scientists and policymakers have joined forces to save the Bay. This is our plan.

Worcester County Commissioners Kick the Clean Water Can Down the Road

(Posted by Kathy Phillips.)

In an extremely disappointing move, the Worcester County Commissioners have failed to take some very simple steps to protect our local waterways while contributing to state-wide efforts to save the Chesapeake Bay.

At the Worcester County Commissioners December 6th regular meeting, the County Commissioners threw out the Phase II Watershed Implementation Plan documents that county staff had spent months preparing and voted 6-1 not to submit their plan to MDE by the December deadline. In fact, they intend to bury the document and “take their time’”cooperating.

Despite the State offering counties and municipalities flexibility, and the ability to show initiative and make their own plans to protect the environment how they see fit, it’s clear that “do-nothing” local elected officials like Worcester’s will use the opportunity to kick the can down the road, shirk their responsibility, and then complain the state is forcing mandates upon them.

The sad thing is, Worcester’s Chesapeake watershed is such a small piece, load reductions could have been addressed easily with available grants and other available resources.

We hope EPA and MDE will use the resources available to them to force compliance by Worcester County – and Worcester County voters should not hesitate to let our county commissioners know we expect better.

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