After decades of effort, the voluntary, collaborative approach to restoring the health and vitality of the Chesapeake Bay— the largest estuary in the United States—has not worked and, in fact, is failing. A diverse group of 57 senior scientists and policymakers have joined forces to save the Bay. This is our plan.

David Burke

David Burke is President of Burke Environmental Associates in Annapolis, Maryland and serves as Senior Advisor to Chesapeake Conservancy, where he is presently involved in a wide variety of conservation efforts. David has over three decades of public and private sector experience in natural resource planning and conservation. He has authored landmark publications and directed numerous coastal, wetland, watershed, and land conservation programs and projects. During his tenure with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, he developed and managed the state’s award winning Non-tidal Wetlands regulatory program and was the principal architect and coordinator a precedent setting statewide green infrastructure-based approach to land conservation. David also served as Director of Chesapeake and Coastal Watershed Services and oversaw DNR’s Ecosystem Council—charged with the incubation of cutting edge resource protection initiatives for the future.

Since establishing Burke Environmental Associates in 2003, David has been engaged in river corridor and living shorelines assessments, land conservation, watershed planning and environmental consulting services —most notably including:
• Lead editor of The Conservation Fund’s publication A Sustainable Chesapeake: Better Models for Conservation—featuring 31 case studies of exemplary conservation efforts across the watershed;
• Contributing author and advisor to Conserving Chesapeake Landscapes: Protecting our Investments, Securing Future Progress—a publication of the Chesapeake Bay Commission and Chesapeake Conservancy.
• Co-editor of The Conservation Fund’s State of the Chesapeake Forests—a watershed wide evaluation of the forests of Chesapeake Bay done in partnership with the U.S. Forest Service.