After decades of effort, the voluntary, collaborative approach to restoring the health and vitality of the Chesapeake Bay— the largest estuary in the United States—has not worked and, in fact, is failing. A diverse group of 57 senior scientists and policymakers have joined forces to save the Bay. This is our plan.

Hank Zygmunt

Hank Zygmunt served 36 years with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. During this time a number of environmental achievements defined Hank’s career. These included: EPA/OSM Abandoned Acid Mine Drainage initiative, Offshore Oil and Gas NPDES program, National Poultry Dialogue, CAFO rule development, Perdue Farms/USEPA Clean Bays Agreement, Science Advisor on toxic/water quality related legislation for the U.S. Senate and Nonpoint Source and Chesapeake Bay Program management.

During his last several years at EPA he provided support to the Administrators Office on national and Chesapeake Bay issues as well as serving as EPA’s Mid-Atlantic Office as the Agricultural Advisor leading EPA’s Agriculture Work Group for State Phase I Watershed Implementation Plans/TMDL.

Presently, Hank is a member of Resource Dynamics, Inc. working under a grant from the Keith Campbell Foundation.